Parts Example Videos: Mapping

If you are interested in Internal Family Systems (IFS) parts work, I highly recommend Richard Schwartz's most recent book "No Bad Parts." In the book, you will find detailed descriptions of parts work and the exercises I'm sharing here.

These videos are intended to demonstrate some of the ways I interact with and process parts. My objective is to share the natural and authentic process, unrehearsed and hopefully help provide a bit of a guide as you start your own processing. Because the videos are unrehearsed, there are pauses for reflection as well as "organic" (aka...imperfect- lots of 'ums') narrative explanation. This made me uncomfortable and activated an "inner critic" part...sharing that as well.

"Parts mapping" around a question or dilemma (2 - part video)

In the first video, I wonder whether or not to post my creation (due to the part activated after I watch my parts mapping video).

The second video is the parts map exercise- creating the map, brief reflection, identifying the most activated part, and committing to hear all of the parts' points of view as I consider my question.

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