Biolateral / Bilateral Music

On this page you will find a sampling of bilateral music tracks to use with your Brainspotting or meditation.  Remember that you need headphones or earbuds for the bilateral effect. 
There are many bilateral / EMDR tracks available online- find one that feels good for you- just search "bilateral music" or "EMDR music"

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The videos below combine soothing imagery and bilateral sound (use headphones). Studies show positive impact on mood and reduced stress when viewing nature-based images.
The imagery may also provide welcome mental stimulation during the winter months in Wisconsin or other areas where the landscape becomes much more subdued and monotonal

The tracks below were created by David Grand, the creator of Brainspotting. 

07 Arabian Knights
00:00 / 05:01
05 Trilling Rill
00:00 / 08:23
04 A Step in the River
00:00 / 10:04
02 Watching the Storm
00:00 / 10:06
03 Oceanic FeelingsArtist Name
00:00 / 10:22
01 Fluted Glass
00:00 / 11:16
06 Sound Waves
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 Here are examples found on Youtube.  There are a wide variety of options available.  Find some that speak to you- maybe you prefer nature sounds, or acoustic guitar, or electronic sounds?  Try to download or bookmark a few tracks of different lengths- some for short 5 or 10 minute sessions, and some longer tracks for deeper processing and relaxation.